Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Graze Snack Box..yup- another food box!

   In case you haven't noticed, I have been all about the sample boxes lately.  So many companies offer a first box free, so why not try it out!

   The latest box I've tried is the Graze Box.  Graze is another healthy type of snack box and can be delivered monthly, bi-weekly or even weekly in some locations.  What I really like about this box is that the snacks come pre-portioned, so no over snacking (can still happen with healthy snacks!).  While the Urthbox is a box with products by a variety of companies, this box is sort of like a select not of products that could be sold in bulk at your local Whole Foods.

   It's $6.00, which is pretty damn good considering the quality of some of these snacks, and you can be surprised by what items are going to be in the box or pick them yourselves.  Since this was my first foray, I decided to be surprised.

Top L- Triple Berry Smoothie
110 calories
Mini Strawberries, blueberries, cranberries and banana coins
SO Delish and I don't even like blueberries or cranberries.

Top R- Tomato & Basil Pizza
120 calories
Basil Crunchini, Mini Tomato Breadsticks and Cheese Cashews
Again a hit!  The cashews are a bit odd to me, but the rest is super yummy and savory.

Bottom L- Honeycomb Crunch
180 calories
Milk chocolate covered honeycomb, almonds and raisins
This one was a fail to me as I don't like raisins.  The almonds were perfect though and the honeycombs were ok.

Bottom R- Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack
240 calories
Rustic rolled oat flapjack with apple and cinnamon
This was a bit high in the calorie department for a snack, but having just one as a little dessert after lunch or dinner is perfect.  These are so yummy.

All in all, I have to say I'm pretty pleased with this box and will continue to get it for a bit.  I opted to get this once every four weeks and am excited to continue snacking with Graze.

With my box came a code for my friends to get their first and fifth box free at Graze.com.  The code is:

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Silk Naturals Haul

   As I've been watching more and more natural beauty videos, I've been hearing about Silk Naturals more and more.  I decided to place an order to test out the brand a variety of their products.  I love that they offer sample sizes (and not baggies) for so many of their products!

Cream Products

Slick Stick in St. Tropez- $4.50
Kiss Slicker in Rare Berry (flavored lip gloss)- $4.50
Cream Blush in Amuse- $4.50
Pucker Polish Lip Scrub-  $3.75

St. Tropez
Rare Berry
Cream Blush in Amuse

HOLY Pigmentation!!  These cream products are amazing and I love the shine that the lip products give.  Can't wait to see how these wear on the lips.

Face Products and One Eye Product

Eye color in Meme-soft lavender- Free
Bronzer in Tahiti Sweetie (dupe for Benefit's Hoola)- $1.25
Blush in Climax (dupe for Nar's Orgasm)- $1.25
Halo sample- Free
HD Peach Concealer Sample (dupe for Eve Pearl's Salmon)- $0.99
Cream Concealer in Shade 2 Sample- $0.99
N30 HD Foundation Sample- $0.99
N20 HD Foundation Sample- $0.99

Meme Shadow
Tahiti Sweetie Bronzer
Climax Blush

The pigmentation on the bronzer is amazing!!  But the shadow and the blush leave A LOT for the imagination.  Yes, I do have the blush swatted to the left of the bronzer.  Can't see it? Neither can I!  Of course I'll play around with it, but it appears that the clear winner of this bunch is the bronzer!

Silk Naturals is a brand that I plan on purchasing more lip colors from and hopefully some full size face products as well.  I just can't jump on the loose shadow bandwagon just yet.

Have you ever tried anything from Silk Naturals?  Any recommendations?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cheap Kicks

  I have been on quite the fitness roar lately.  I have been doing T25 almost every day for 5 weeks.  About 3 weeks in my ankles begin bothering me because of all the jumping.  It was definitely time for new sneakers, but they are so damn expensive.

  Do you know where you can always find sneakers that are cheaper?  The kids section!  Most major fitness brands now make a variety of sneakers for kids ranging from trainers, running and cross fit.  The rule of thumb for women is to go down 2 sizes.  I am a size 6.5 in women, and got these amazing 4.5 kids sneakers for only $20!!

Have you ever bought anything in the kids section for yourself? 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Random Favorites

   March was a month of dietary ups and downs for me, so most of my random favorites of the month are food related.  Two are "healthyish", while one is downright decadent.

Food Favorites

*Timothy's Cinnamon Pastry K- Cup- I've been on the hunt for a dessert tasting coffee, so I ordered a few sample boxes from Keurig of different coffees.  This cinnamon bun inspired coffee has been the standout so far.  The cinnamon taste is subtle, but it tastes so much more decadent than what it really is.

*Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews in Chocolate- I bought these from Amazon to use as a little nosh between meals.  They are little chocolate chews, 30 calories each, that claim to suppress appetite and give an extra boost of energy.  I don't know if they do either, but they keep me going in the morning and give me a little healthy bite of chocolate.

*Talenti Gelato in Chocolate Peanut Butter- Oh. My. God.  This is the most amazing stuff I have ever tasted.  I bought this on sale for $7 at Mrs. Greens, and it was worth every dollar.  I can't wait to try more gelatos from this brand!

Favorite Reads

*Chocolate Covered Katie-  I found this healthy dessert blog through the Blogilates App and it's awesome.  The recipes that she has come up with are just amazing.  I especially love the single serving section, so I won't be tempted to eat an entire pie or batch of cookies in one sitting.

*Delirium- Ok, I am sorting of cheating, because I am still in the process of finishing this book, but I did start it in March!  This book is recommended to the fans of Hunger Games or Divergent.  It's such a good read!

Favorite "Watches"

*The BubbleGum Princess- I have been loving her channel this month!  She's an amazing cruelty free beauty vlogger and I have learned so much about a variety of products and brands from her.  She has added significantly to my product wish list. 

FTC Disclosure

All products are purchased by me unless noted otherwise. If a product is supplied for review, this does not affect my opinion. My opinions can not be bought.